With almost 10 years of experience as an independent producer, we have made more than 100 productions: documentaries, announcements, reports, video clips, corporate, etc. More than 40 institutions and companies have trusted us.


We are a company accredited by the Spanish Agency of Aerial Safety to fly professional drones, and we have our own drones and pilots certified in payroll. We move between islands and take care of managing all permits.


We develop a great post-production capacity, using the latest generation software for editing, color correction, audio mastering, etc. We have also established a large network of professional collaborators.
About, Canarias Amazigh
José Farrujia
An interdisciplinary view on the problem of origins.
José Farrujia Doctor en Historia y Gestor Cultural
One of the documentaries that have dealt most deeply with the eternal topic of discussion in the islands.
CineCanarias Online media
Its merit is, above all, to point out unambiguously the consensus and the evidence about the Amazigh character of the ancient canary islanders.
Izuran Canarian Amazigh Culture Blog
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